Slot Machine Bonuses

What’s the best part of playing at an online casino? Well, aside from the always excellent online casino games ranging from slots, blackjack, video poker, and much more. They are more than generous with the money that is given simply for joining a site and making a deposit. This is especially important when you are playing slot machines online as well.

Whether you are playing standard slot machines, or 3d slots, you’ll find that the bonuses can make a huge difference when playing. The key reason for this is that they help you overcome and of the down swings that come with playing any online casino, or online poker game. Now the real question is, what should we look for in a US online slots bonus?

Bonus Size

What could be more important than the size of the bonus offered right? Many online casinos will offer different things, and a lot of it will depend on how big their actual online casino is. The larger the casino, the larger the bonus will typically be. You can find that some bonuses may be $100, and other could be up to as high as $10,000, for high rollers.

These bonuses are normally first deposit bonuses, which means that the site will only match your bonus up to that amount on whatever your first deposit is. So if they match up to $500, you can deposit as much as $500 and have it matched! Now, remember that if you only deposit $200, that your bonus will only be $200 (if it is only a 100% match, which we’ll cover below).

Bonus Clearance

This is one thing that is overlooked by many online gamblers at online casinos. While some sites will offer bonuses that are massive, they may clear much slower than the bonuses that are around $100 or $200. The thing about those bonuses that are up to $10,000, is that it won’t matter much about how large they are, if it is going to take you forever to clear them and get the full bonus into your account. The whole idea behind free money is to collect on that money to help out your bankroll!

Bonus Match Percentage

It’s always nice to see a bonus of $1,000 with a 100% match, but remember that a $600 bonus with a 200% match is more money! Many online casinos do it differently than their opponents, so some will make it so that their dollar value is higher, with a lower match percentage; while the other ones will put a higher match percentage, with a lower amount (which actually ends up being higher). It can all be a bit confusing, but what it really comes down to, is that you should definitely pay attention to the bonus match percentage before making any final decisions about the online casino that you choose to sign up with!

Deuces Wild Video Poker

The Deuces Wild machine is little more complicated than the standard (Jacks or better) machine. The reason for this is its complex strategy. However, it contains a greater advantage than any other Video Poker machine. It is a positive expectation. If the player is clever enough in choosing the correct machine, he can be lucky enough to get a 100% payback or more!

I think it’s time for a little experiment. Let us compare two Deuces Wild machine:


Machine 1

Machine 2

Royal Flush



Four Deuces



Wild Royal Flush



Five of a Kind



Straight Flush



Four of a Kind



Full House









Three of a Kind



First question: Which one of the two machines, would you choose to play at?

Possible answer: Number 2, right? I mean; you only end up sacrificing one coin on the Four of a kind; however you end up benefiting big-time on the Straight flush and five of a kind, which is loaded with payouts.

The correct answer: My friends, forget about it! You are about to fall in a trap that nearly every amateur Video Poker player makes!

You see; machine 1 is a classic full-pay machine, returning an immense 100.76% to the player with expert play; where machine 2 (attractive looking pay table) is a Deuces Wild variation. This kind of machine returns a lousy 97.08%!

Why the big divergence?

As I’ve said before, one little coin, makes the biggest difference in a Video Poker game!

The problem lies by the one coin on the four of a kind.

In the Deuces Wild game, the average player will come across many four of kinds … on average at least once out of every 15. In full-pay Deuces, the four of a kind accounts for a huge 32% of the player’s total return; where on machine 2, only 25% is returned!

The increased payouts on the less frequent straight flush and five of a kind just do not pick up the slack.

Picking the Right Machines

Now we understand that every coin paid out is risky and every distinct pay table guarantees its own examination.

To guide you from falling into booby- traps, here are the five of the most important guidelines.

As a player, you should always be cautious of cuts to the payoffs for the more common hands. Though jackpots for high hands are very tempting, they might not be enough to offset even the most seemingly inoffensive dent in your lower payoffs.

A casino online may not have reservations in setting payoffs certain hands lower than the standard full pay and the change can come somewhere at the pay table. Therefore pay attention to what is written in front of you.

I have often come across players, which are attracted by the game’s name. Yes, unfortunately, it happens. Amateurs usually tend to play machines with extravagant names such as Bonus Poker Deluxe or Double Double Bonus; and to their surprise … end up losing! Bonus Poker Deluxe only pays back a lousy 98.5% and Double Bonus pays out much more than what double Double Bonus does!

Another general rule I like to keep at hand is that, as a player, you should always make an effort to find the correct machine to play at. We have learned in the previous pages … one Jacks or Better game, may vary from the next. One often comes across folks who rather play at 8/5 Jacks or Better machines that offer full-pay (although without a progressive). The quality of the games usually vary from area to area and one will even notice that some casinos, only have one kind of Joker Wild or Jacks or Better, while another only has full-pay Deuces Wild.

As a general rule, you should always try avoiding new machines. I mean, they tend to have greater looks and perhaps higher-end jackpots, but the entertainment value usually conceals a lower payback. That is why one usually finds Video Poker pros at old machines/true machines. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that as a player at a new machine, you will not know the proper strategy for the machine. An extra word of advice, knows your machine and know your strategy.

I hope that many of you have finally learned and finally understood the main concept and game play of Video Poker.

Looking for a respectable poker site where you can play online poker for real money in us and on your mobile? Not into poker, no worries, check out this great sports betting guide from our friends over at WCI!

Caribbean Stud Poker


Online Caribbean Stud (album) (Photo credit:

Caribbean stud poker is a gambling game that originated in the islands. It is card game based on playing against a lead dealer but other groups of people can join in and they share the risk. Those who can beat the dealer will then take the shared pot of earnings and the rest will lose out.

What is attractive about Caribbean stud poker?

The fact that there are many people involved increases the enjoyment for those who are social gamblers. It can also be a conduit for other social activities such as drinking and smoking which enhances the social life of those who enjoy gambling.

In terms of the gambling itself, the game is not particularly challenging to understand and once you get a few tips and pointers, you will be well on your way. The fact that there are many people involved means that you can consult and discuss. It is generally a very enjoyable game.

It is also one of the few games at online casinos that does not have a large house advantage. For a player that follows the basic strategy below, you should expect a house advantage of around 2.5%. This is lower than many blackjack games and is even lower than roulette. The fact that there aren’t many complicated rules only adds to attractiveness of the game.


In Caribbean stud, the players are trying to make a five-card poker hand that is better than the dealers five-card poker hand. In each hand, the player must place an Ante Bet before he or she receives their cards. Once the cards are received the dealer then turns one of his cards face-up, each player decides if their hand is good enough to stay in or fold.

These are the decisions: Raise or Fold. If you decide your hand is not good enough, you must Fold and forfeit your Ante Bet. If you decide your hand is good enough (i.e. you think you can beat the Dealer’s hand), then you Raise by placing a Bet that is equal to twice your ante.

For instance, if you made a $5 ante bet before you received your cards and now decide to raise and stay in the hand, you must place an additional wager equal to twice your ante bet. In our example, since your ante was five dollars, you must place an additional bet of $10 to stay in the hand.

Now, the dealer exposes his hand. If the dealer does not have an Ace-King or better (i.e. does not qualify), you will be returned your bet ($10 in our example) and be paid 1-to-1 on your Ante bet. In our example, you would win five dollars, the amount of your ante regardless of what you had in your hand.

If the dealer does qualify with an Ace-King or better and your hand beats the dealer’s hand, then you will be paid 1-to-1 on your Ante Bet and at least 1-to-1 on your Raise bet. To determine what you get paid on your Raise bet, just refer to the following list:

Ace/King or one pair – 1 to 1 payout on Raise bet
Two pair – 2 to 1 payout on Raise bet
Three of a kind – 3 to 1 payout
Straight – 4 to 1 payout
Flush – 5 to 1 payout plus $50 from the Progressive Jackpot if played
4 of a kind – 20 to 1 payout plus $500 from the Progressive if played
Straight Flush – 50 to 1 payout plus 10% of Progressive Jackpot if played
Royal Flush – 100 to 1 payout plus 100% of Progressive Jackpot if played

You must place the progressive bet ($1 per hand) in order to be eligible to win the part or all of the progressive jackpot. If you receive a flush or higher, you will receive the progressive payout regardless of what the dealer has in their hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

1. You should fold if you do not have Ace/King or higher. The dealer has a 53% chance of qualifying for the hand. This means that you are risking 3 times your ante to try to win back your ante on a worse than 50/50 draw.

2. Always raise if you have a pair or better. The dealer might be able to beat a low pair, but odds are on the side of the player, even with a pair of 2’s.

3. If you have an Ace/King, you should raise if you have a) a third face card or b) the dealer’s card matches one of your cards.

4. Either play the progressive or don’t. Do not waffle between the two options. You will probably win more money over the long haul if you don’t play the progressive chip; but you will be kicking yourself if you would’ve won part of the jackpot and you didn’t play.

Top Online Casinos 2014

What Makes the Top Casinos 2014

Gaming enthusiast are using their computers and mobile devices to try their luck at online establishments. The gamers are using their desktops, laptops and mobile devices to access what these places have to offer. There are more places to play the machines at than ever before and finding the right place to play is often confusing. Most people are looking for the best opportunity when it comes to gambling on the computer. There are several things that help a site make a list of the top online casinos 2014.

When searching for the top place to go, it is a good idea to consider several areas. These areas include:

• Where they can be played at
• Welcome bonuses
• Promotions
• Software and games
• Payment methods

A player needs to find the place that offers the best mix of all of these things to meet their needs.


The first thing that players need to do is to find an online site that can be accessed in the location they are at. In the United States and Canada, the number of sites that are available is quickly growing. Many of the sites have been operating for several years in other locations and this experience could improve the look and feel of the website. My personal favourite recommendation where players will find Over 220 casino games is at This is a site that will be at the top of the avid gamblers lists as well.

Welcome Bonuses

Almost all the gaming websites offer welcoming bonuses to attract new members. These bonuses come in the form of no deposit bonuses, matching deposit bonuses, free spins, and promotions linked to specific types of games. A new member can earn thousands of dollars in free money to play with when they join. It is worth looking for the one that will give you the maximum benefits in this area.


Getting free money at the start is nice, but it is also good to find the places that offer regular promotions for their members. Comp points, free spins and tournaments are just some of the things that are commonly offered.

Software and Games

When it comes to finding the top online casinos 2014, the software that is used is one of the most important things to consider. There are several major software developers. In the United States the biggest one is RTG. They offer a wide variety of games and provide safe and secure software.

Players should also consider what versions are offered. A top casino will allow players to download or play an instant game with the option to play on mobile platforms as well.

Payment Methods

When looking at payment methods, consider the amount of time it takes to have the money credited to your account and the amount of time it takes to withdraw the money from your account.

Anyone that wants to know the most recent top rated sites are should go to This is the type of list that will help an individual get started on their search to find the best.

Betting on College Basketball’s Final Four

One of the most exciting times of the year culminates this weekend as the men’s basketball Final Four takes place at the AT&T Stadium in North Texas. In terms of betting excitement, and action, the NCAA tournament rivals the Super Bowl for top billing at sports books in Las Vegas and around the world.

I have been in Las Vegas for the past 15 years and have seen the frenzy that the tournament brings to the sports betting world. This year’s Final Four promises to bring many big names to the table.

There are currently at least 20 teams that have a legitimate shot to win the NCAA Championship this year. This doesn’t even include the dark horse candidates that have made it to the Final 4 in the past few years. This points to the overall parity in college basketball this year.

When I think of Syracuse this year, it brings to mind the great run that UNLV had back in the early 90’s. UNLV stormed through the tourney in 1990 and routed Duke for the championship. The next year the Rebels had one of the best teams ever but somehow lost to the Blue Devils in the semifinals. Many people in Las Vegas have never forgotten that loss, and to this day still remember the pain. While Syracuse’s first loss at the hands of Duke doesn’t compare, the controversial ending will still sting.

I think back on my many years here in Las Vegas and remember how betting on the Final Four has changed. Las Vegas has grown from a gambling mecca into a resort dominated city with much more than gambling. It used to be that when you made a bet you had to go into a sportsbook. Those days are long behind us.

The internet has brought a boom to sports betting and Las Vegas has changed with the times. You now see high tech scoreboards, betting stations, individual TV’s at the seats, etc. And that is just at the sportsbooks.

Online you have the convenience of betting by clicking a few keys on your computer or by picking up the phone. It used to be that I would go into a sportsbook, make my bet, and talk with all the regulars that frequent the place. Now I am more likely to turn on the computer to do all that.

I have seen the action from both sides of the table. I remember the days of runners calling in numbers to the syndicates or betting services. That does not happen as much anymore with the advent of offshore betting and the computer age but it does bring back memories.

My many years in Las Vegas have given me an insight into the various areas of sports betting and I hope to share some of that experience with you.

This year’s Final Four is expected to have a betting increase from last year and the books expect good interest. This will especially be true if there are some marquee matchups.

Favorites to Win it All

So who wins the championship? While it is way too early to say, there are a couple of favorites. Syracuse has been a powerhouse in the ACC in their first season; they were beaten by Duke, which is always around this time of year. Wichita State is the final unbeaten team in division I basketball, a year after making the Final 4; they and San Diego State are going to try to prove that the mid-majors can win it all. Arizona and Florida are major players from power conferences that aren’t having the greatest season overall.

The strongest conferences this season are the new Big East and the Big 12. There are several teams that are going to be major players from each of these conference. This includes Creighton, Villanova, Kansas, Iowa State, Oklahoma and Texas. The American Athletic Conference broke off from the Big East, and they also have good teams including last year’s champion, Louisville. The Big Ten is one of the most balanced conferences from top to bottom; but they haven’t had a truly consistent team this season. You can check out the current odds during March Madness for this season here.

My current prediction is that Arizona is going to win the NCAA Championship this season. That opinion and a quarter still won’t buy you a newspaper in Las Vegas. It does, however, give you something to think about, and that is never a bad thing.

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